Donna of the Dead

Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper came highly recommended, and so I was very excited to delve into this tale of zombies, guts, and gore. All I knew prior to peeking within the pages was that it was a ‘refreshing addition’ to the genre. What I hadn’t anticipated was the humour.


My husband isn’t a reader, and I drove him nuts whilst reading this book, with all my tittering and snickering and, often, laughing out loud—even more so when I tried explaining why I was laughing and he just deadpan stared at me like I’d lost the plot. If I had, I didn’t care, because I was enjoying myself too much.


Donna of the Dead is fast paced and full of the usual zombie horridness and goofy, gorified fun, plus twists and turns, hints at ‘wrongness’ to amp up our suspicions and leave us squinting at certain characters waiting for them to make a wrong move. There’s also some great tension in here, some seriously cute and sweet scenes, and a whole host of characters who all have unique personalities and traits that set each of them apart in their own right.


Though, of course, I have a niggle to make, otherwise I’d have rated it five stars, right? Well, there were a few things left unexplained, or dangling longer than a ball of infinitesimal string. Like a certain character who stays behind but we don’t know what happens to him—I want to know, dammit! Or a certain character’s mother and her work and what is really happening in that, AND how that ties into what was happening in Donna’s hometown and to her—I want to know, dammit! Or the outcome of research we know will happen after the book has ended, due to certain samples being taken—I want to know, dammit!


So, as you can imagine, I’m rather hoping there will be a follow up. Because there are questions I need answering and threads I need tying. So … Ms Kemper???? Please????