Earthbound - Aprilynne Pike

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion of the book.

Aprilynne Pryke’s new series is a race across the clock romance that spans across the ages, andEarthbound is a great start to the tale.

From the off, mystery and intrigue surround MC Tavia—from her survival of a major accident, her dreams, her visions of a boy she’s never met but feels is familiar, to her family and the underlying secrets that might be a part of her life. I liked Tavia as MC a lot. She’s a great character, one who’s easy to connect with, and her frustrations and indecisions are totally believable, as are her portrayed emotions and confusions over what to do, who to turn to.

Discovering that her family history might not be quite what she thought, after chasing trails started by a hauntingly creepy yet cute and alluring boy and a shadowing guy who pops up all over the place, leaves Tavia up in arms about who and what she really is. Even as she runs off to find out the truth, aided by swoony Benson, unravelling the mystery surrounding her is hard. As a reader, it became almost frustrating, thanks to this being told in first ppov, trying to solve the clues (or, sometimes, lack of), yet the frustration was never at the book but more frustrations shared with Tavia as one lead after another seemed to lead nowhere and left both her and the reader still confused.

Benson is a great male counterpart in this title. He’s cute, he’s attentive, he gives a damn … and there’s something not quite right about him. Because I had my suspicions about this dude from pretty early on. And I mean, early on. Yet, not once did my overactive mind deflect my growing affection for him. Man, I wanted my suspicions to be unwarranted, wanted myself to be wrong. I wanted for everything to be okay between him and Tavia (because I truly believe his developed feelings toward her were genuine and honest), despite knowing, deep down, that there was this other guy who might not even really exist throwing that proverbial spanner in the works. Though, I imagine the reader is possibly meant to be somewhat confused over which is the ‘right guy’, as was Tavia for a good while (and probably still will be). And I felt a little sad when it all came to light, and Benson got the cold shoulder as Tavia set about the rest of her journey alone. Thankfully, even though I doubt he’ll ever win back Tavia’s heart, I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

As for the plot? Imagine the beginning of time reimagined. Everything, which anyone who believes in God and the bible has instilled in them, reinvented—rewritten—into something new. Then imagine a constant loop of reincarnation driven by survival needs of Earth and love, soul mate connections and opposing forces, gods and goddesses (but not as we know them), and secret organisations as powerful as the Illuminati. Add to that a strong, credible MC, with just the right voice and believability to carry us forth, and you have Earthbound. And then, at the end? Enter Logan? Man, I’m really looking forward to see him go through what Tavia went through. In short: I can’t wait to see what happens next. Bring on the Earthquake.