Soul Resurrected

Soul Resurrected

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title from the author in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion of the book.

If you know me at all, then you’ll have noticed I’m a bit of a cheerleader for Keri Lake’s writing. I cheered for Soul Avenged when that released. And I’ve been doing a little cheering for Soul Resurrected, too—even more so since I always get to read her stuff early (coz, you know, I got connections, ahem). Anyhoo, I was VERY intrigued as to how Soul Resurrected would play out. Sure, we get to meet all of the Wrath demon brothers in Soul Avenged, but the MC for the first title is a female Alexi who just happened to have booked the Wrath Brother’s vengeance services and so was staying at their mansion. This time? Dude, we get a good dose of the brothers on a whole other level of ‘looking from the inside out’.

Yep, Soul Resurrected is written mostly from the dual POV’s of Calla (timid Alexi soldier from SA), and Logan (somewhat dark and twisted and intolerant demon brother with a shadier-than-the-rest past).

Now, I know some of Ms Lake’s readers might be wondering just how she’ll pull off giving us one of the demons at the frontline, and I happen to know Ms Lake is a little nervous about how this book is going to be received. Well, I’m here to stem the concerns—in short, I’m here to set the record straight. So let’s try:

I thought Soul Avenged was pretty awesome. Soul Resurrected was all of that awesome with a dash of warm and intoxicating ambrosia and a slice of lemon to boot.

I LOVED Logan as MC. He is such a freakin’ convoluted character, with some pretty serious shizazzle swimming around in that head of his, that I couldn’t help but want to scoop him up and kiss all of those virtual wounds of his better.

Enter Calla. Because it appears she kind of had the same thoughts on Logan as I did, even if she didn’t seem too keen to act on them at first.

You see, no matter how easy I make it sound above, the relationship and development of such is nowhere near cut and dry.

Because Logan’s body wants Calla’s like nothing else on earth, except he doesn’t want to want her and fights it all the way. And Calla’s body wants Logan’s like nothing else on earth, except she reeeeeaaally doesn’t want to want him (despite how curious he makes her) and so fights it (though, admittedly, not quite as heartedly as Logan does, *snicker*) …. Anyway, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Yep, the end result is an explosion of heat and unexpected tenderness, as well as a connection of souls on a MAJOR level of like-minded understanding, which delivers us a GREAT relationship the reader will want to devour.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the heat and snoggery of these two is the bee all and end all ofSoul Resurrected (though it certainly kept me on my curling toes)—because this book truly is so much more than that.

The plot. Man, it’s twisted and twisting, and has so many tight threads tying it into Soul Avenged that were not even HINTED at in Soul Avenged so the reader won’t see them coming. I mean, the book is FULL of unexpected turns, kidnappings (yes, plural), violence, sick and downright scary minds, new supernatural creatures that expose just how deep into the darkness Keri Lake’s imagination is willing to tread, betrayal, LOVE, the testing of relationships, revelations, HOTNESS, reveals, GREAT character development, and … well, Logan—ha!

For any readers out there (familiar with Soul Avenged) who’re worried about Calla being strong enough as supporting MC? Dudes, you can kick those worries to the kerb. Her growth in this book this so awesome, you’d have to be pretty blind not to notice it. I loved her as female counterpart—I’ve so far read Soul Resurrected TWICE and would willingly do so all over again. Now … for goodness sake, WHERE’S BOOK THREE!?