Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer L. Armentout’s Lux series (okay, everything), since Kay of K-Books first introduced me to Daemon Black, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to read Origin (even more so since seeing its cover) and discover which duet of paths Ms Armentrout would lead Daemon and Katy down next.

If you’ve followed the series, then you will be aware that Katy’s end situation in Opal was a pretty hairy one to find herself. And if you’ve read all the other books and followed the slow relationship development between her and DB, as well as Daemon’s character development (especially where Katy is involved), then you’ll also be aware that Daemon is going to tear through all obstacles in his way in order to get his little hybrid back. So, an ‘inside’ look at Daedalus, PLUS a lot of Daemon Black and the tension his conflict offers, promises one healthy dose of awesome—in a book. And I have to say that Origin does a decent job of delivering on that promise.

Admittedly, the beginning of the book was a little slow-paced, though really, I don’t see how it could have been written any other way. And I kind of suspect my eagerness for Daemon to start smashing up the place and tearing out trees and stuff might have contributed to my opinion of the pacing. However, once we do hit that point of Daemon going epic, the book does start to show signs of bringing its best dishes to the table. Because, yes, Daemon and Katy end up reunited—BUT … it’s not as clear cut and dried as that. Let’s not forget that Daedalus pretty much always has an agenda of its own, and that reunion of D&K is no exception to that rule. For a little while again, one could argue the pacing slows down, but in all fairness it was again necessary for the reader to learn everything they needed to learn, and it was saved by the fact that the tension was beginning to build and the surety that we’d soon be getting hit with a massive bunch of awesome. And that awesome? Yeah, oonce that awesome hit, it didn’t seem to want to stop. It was a freakin’ tsunami of awesome when the reader is spoonfed one epic action scene after another. And those reveals and twists and turns? Man, I ended up in twist and turn heaven. Not to mention the MASSIVE storm before the calm before the storm. Because the MASSIVE fight scene we’re given is EPIC. Sorry for the epic overuse but there’s not really any other word. And then, following that, to wrap up is that ending. And this is where the epicness intensifies. Not necessarily because I liked that ending. The ending was HORRIBLE. Nope, my kudos to the author for that ending is 100% because I couldn’t have seen it coming in a million years. No matter my theories and speculation, I wouldn’t have called it. and being surprised on that level after already being so thoroughly entertained is seriously The! Icing! On the cake!

My only gripe would be that I wasn’t too sure about some of Daemon’s decisions being … well ‘in character’ enough for my liking—believable enough—but the surrounding story kind of carried me on through my incredulity. But if you’re wondering on the loss of a star in my rating, and you’ve read Origin to understand which particular area of the story I might be referring to (sorry, no spoilers on that), then you know what’s responsible.

To conclude, I wanted Origin to win me back over on the level that Opal failed to, and it pretty much did.