Taming Cross

Taming Cross  - Ella James

Taming Cross is the much-anticipated second in the Love Inc series by Ella James. Although the covers appear pretty erotic, I prefer to refer to the series as saucy romance, but it’s less on the sauce in this tale about Cross Carlson than we witnessed in the first book Selling Scarlett.

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that to begin. SS was full of sexual tension and HOT moments that had the reader biting at the bullet for something to freakin’ happen already between the two MC’s. Well, for a long time, I couldn’t quite get past that the build up was a lot slower in Taming Cross, as well as a lot different, and the sexual tension, whilst still there in parts and eventually, was very much more subtle.

However, once I’d stepped back from trying to compare it plot-wise to its preceding title, I realised thatTaming Cross was, in actual fact, every bit as good. It was just … different. And, as much as the next person, I have to respect when each new book in a series brings something fresh to the table.

Anyhoo, that out of the way, Cross Carlson, recovering ‘victim’ of a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma, which led to a stroke, and resulted in him partially disabled, gets worn down by his guilt of having known about the overly-unfortunate circumstances forced on his father’s ex-mistress and just HAS to roar off to Mexico to save her.

Unexpected to him—but not so much to the reader—is the instant attraction/connection he feels toward one Missy King, and that alongside his obsession to save this woman he’s convinced he abandoned becomes one of the driving forces of his actions.

Of course, it’s not quite as clear cut as that. Because Missy King happens to have some pretty shady people out for her pretty hide, and so the rescue mission ends up becoming a race for, and then a fight for, their lives. All which results in them being secluded in an underground hidey-hole, where we get to see the first hints of sexual attraction, as well as the first hints of ‘something about to happen’, as well as learn a whole lot more about our two characters. And even once they manage to find their way out of the frying pan, they’re not necessarily missing the flames. On top of all that is Missy’s battles with why she’s not good enough for Cross, and Cross’s revelations that he’s fallen in love with this woman, and the tug-o-war of emotions that lead to that much-awaited Ah! moment.

In short, Taming Cross is a great addition to the Love Inc series, with appearances from the great characters we met and loved (or hated) in Selling Scarlett, well-rounded and believable bad-guys, a GREAT insight into dysfunctional families and the results of failing expectations, high-speed chases, awesome character development, a more than decent plot and an explosive finale. And I LOVED Cross’s character to pieces. The only thing missing for me was it didn’t quite have the same level of character chemistry as Selling Scarlett did, but that doesn’t mean I won’t read on knowing which characters’ book is to come next.