Keeping Her

Keeping Her (Losing It, #1.5) - Cora Carmack

I was VERY excited for the opportunity to review Cora Carmack’s Keeping Her, as I am a HUGE fan of her Losing It series.

Keeping Her is a novella told from both Garrick’s and Bliss’s POVs from Losing It—though slightly more Garrick’s—and revolves around that ever-dreaded moment of MEET THE PARENTS! ARGH! For Garrick and Bliss, the whole ‘dreading it’ is no different when Garrick takes Bliss off to London to meet his socialite parents.

Both of them have their own reasons for the trepidation, though. Bliss because she’s worried they won’t like her. And Garrick, because he’s … okay, he’s worried they won’t like her, too—but his concern is on a whole other level as he knows the depth of his parents’ snobbery, and Bliss is … well, let’s face it, Bliss is Bliss and comes with a whole heap of ‘Blissisms’ that not every person out there—especially disapproving parents—is going to appreciate.

Keeping Her was just as much fun as I expected it to be, and catching up with this GREAT duo was awesome. It reminded me why I fell in love with Garrick, and reminded me why I had SO MUCH FUN chasing Bliss alongside her awesome sense of humour and ridiculous behaviour. There are just as many ‘hot’ moments in Keeping Her as we’ve come to expect from Ms Carmack’s books, and the story arrived with so many ‘incidents’ and twists and turns, and GREAT side characters—especially Garrick’s British friends—as well as a couple of ‘oooh’ moments and surprises, that this one barely read as a novella at all.

From the off, we’re thrown into their issue, followed by Garrick’s jealousies and insecurities, which we don’t get to witness so much in Losing It, when Bliss meets his friends. I loved this duo, even though Ms Cormack didn’t quite get all of her Britishisms right or a couple of minor points about our behaviours (those mostly only added to my amusement), because they were evidently a pair of rascally rogues, who as a young girl you’d want to meet, and as a parent you’d want your daughters going nowhere near. I also loved how meeting this duo, and the first introduction to Garrick’s family, gave a whole lot of insight into the person he used to be with so little back story required.

And those surprises I mentioned above? Yeah, there’s a lot more to Garrick’s parents than meet the eye. Especially his mother. Because her character development was so awesome, and because Bliss was involved, with those ‘Blissisms’ of hers, it was also totally believable. Add that to the twists and turns, and Keeping Her will have you guessing as to how the heck it could possibly end right up until … well, the very end.

What more can I say other than: if you’re already a fan of Ms Cormack, READ IT! And if you’re not? Where on earth have you been?

Gimme more stories, CC. Please.