Shadowfever  - Karen Marie Moning

Man, what to say? So much happened in this book, it was hard to maintain all the info and process it at the same time as reading on. I think this might have been the one in the series I read the slowest. Because this is the one where everything comes to light. The one where (most of the) answers are given. And if you're not paying attention then you end up lost. How can a singular story be so complex yet ooze such simplicity all at the same time? I loved every thread of the woven tale. And I loved the finished tapestry the bigger picture became. 

To be honest, after reading Darkfever I didn't expect to feel this way about the series. I was most the way through book #3 before KMM even had my full attention and if not for the good folk of this site urging me to continue I most certainly wouldn't have read past book 1. If I hadn't put my faith in the people of this site--people whose opinions of books I have come to trust in such a short period of time--I would have missed out on a compelling tale.

I've seen one or two reviews of this one where the reader has stated that they found the story predictable and guessed most of what was coming before the end. Sorry, but I never even attempt to do that. I much prefer to allow the story to tell itself. What's the point in trying to get lost in a story written by another if I'm going to insist on trying to take the reins? 
So I most definitely did not see most of it coming--well ... after the opening anyway. 
I'd pretty much guessed from the moment he crept onto the scene who donned the guise of the beast--or rather, which guise the beast usually donned--so I wasn't shocked by that one. But as for the other humdinging truths tossed at us? I so didn't see it coming that V'Lane was Crux (because I liked him, dammit!) and I certainly didn't predict his turn of events, or that the Seelie Queen was the concubine, or that the book had done what it had whilst Mac was no more than a fetus (though thanks GOODNESS she didn't turn out to actually be the Unseelie King, coz her and Barrons with her as the King just seemed ... WRONG!), or that Dani (poor chick) had been the one to play out the death of Alina as orchestrated by THE WITCH!, or that all those 'people' (*snort*) were parts of the King, OR that DEG WAS the Unseelie King (shock-much!) and that he turned out to be an okay kinda ... um ... fae (ha!), or what happened to Christian (though, hot damn, he sounded cute as a prince, no?), or ... okay, I'll stop simply because to list all the revelations in this book would be an endless task.

But I have to at least end on a note about Barrons. *Sigh* If only she'd known that shagging the poor sexually frustrated beast would put him in a better mood ... *Shrug* Hindsight is no more than a memory born of regret that would have rendered the consensual union between them less impactive and sigh-worthy than it turned out to be. I kinda knew he loved her anyway--and his pissing circles around her only cemented that. *Sigh* Maybe one day a dude'll piss circles around me.

Okay, that's quite enough waffle. Long story short: A grande finale with the emphasis on the grande. That is all.