Bloodfever  - Karen Marie Moning

I went away for a couple hours after finishing this one to figure out my thoughts. To begin, it was a little slow, though the pace had improved from the first book. Then the pace picked up immensely and I started to get swept along in the story and poor Mac's capture and all was going swimmingly from a readers perspective. But then I reached the scene where things hotted up between Mac and Barrons, and my opinion and the star rating I intended to give significantly dropped.


Well, it's probably more a personal issue I have than anything else, but I can-unapologetically-not find anything sexual, sensual, or likable about violent intimacy when fists are being thrown. I found the scene quite distasteful--maybe I was supposed to--and I almost stopped reading. In fact, if I'd had much farther to go to the end, I may well have done. 

I'm really starting to like Mac as heroine--her character's developing nicely. And I believed I saw potential for Barrons to be a decent, though creepy, hero from early on in Darkfever. But to be thrown like that was a little too much for a novel where the MC's narration sounds almost flippant in the telling of the story.

If not for the good points I raised above coming to the rescue, I'd have probably rated this one a 2 because of that scene alone. I'm warned there are more similar darknesses to come in future novels of the series, and I'm thankful for the preparation because I really would like to read on and discover the mystery of Barrons. 

So, I guess my point is, the tone of the majority of the novel is pretty misleading for the darker content that comes along and smacks you upside the head.