Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning

I found this book pretty hard to get into and I was way past the page 150 mark before it was no longer an internal struggle to pick it up. I perservered, though, because I was encouraged to do so by fans of the series, and I always like to see what kind of work collects a huge following like this one has. The opening was quite slow. I found Mac’s constant chatter directed at the reader off-putting. I also struggled to visualise a lot of the happenings. However, I didn’t once struggle to visualise the areas/settings or the fae because those descriptions were great–I only wished the author’d added some of those descriptions she’s obviously very good at to the action scenes to paint a more vivid picture. I think the best thing this book has going for it is the interaction/relationship between Mac and Barrons (and his mysteriousness), and I’m already anticipating further development between them in future works.