Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour  - Carrie Vaughn

Well … this one turned out to be an unexpected read. The fact I shy away from reading blurbs bit me on my rear a little because I’d always assumed Kitty to be some kind of feline shifter. That’ll show me to make assumptions, eh? But all in all, I found this book pretty refreshing as far as werewolf literature goes.

Whilst I struggled to accept (as myself) the pack way of life, there’s no denying the freshness of the pack dynamics. The lack of glorifying or romanticising the way of life for the pack werewolves certainly deserves some applause. I also enjoyed the way the ‘wolf’ sections were kept clear and separate by the switch in pov and tense–ensuring the reader knows at all times exactly which ‘part’ of Kitty is at the forefront.
I really liked Kitty. I really liked her hitman. I adored TJ and sniffled when that b&@£&”d killed him. And I also quite liked Carl (to begin) for all his faults and was a little bummed when his a$$holery was shown in its full colours. Unusual for me to like an entire cast in a book. I also thought the plot was pretty fresh–not necessarily the fight for dominance but setting and the way it was played out, and the entire weaving in of Kitty’s life she’d built for herself. On top of that, the pacing in this book was pretty darn marvellous. It’s been a while since I read a book in under 24 hours around working, eating, sleeping (in late, too), etc. This is a series I’ll certainly be checking out book #2 for.

oh, what I didn’t like, apart from the a$$holery? I thought the epilogue should have been part of the story and majorly condensed. Seemed like most of what was in there could have been saved for another book. But that’s just my opinion because once the fat lady’s sung, I like to have reached the end.