The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night  - Gena Showalter

I marked this one as a 3 (generously so), but I only think I liked it–I’m still not 100% sure. Maddox did absolutely nothing for me as a main male mc–he behaved and sounded like a neanderthal whose language skills hadn’t quite caught up with the times–and I didn’t really care too much about Ashlyn. In fact, I was more bothered about Danika, and kind of hoped she’d have a bigger role just so I could listen to more intelligent conversation. The simplicity with which the two MC’s suddenly decided they were in love was a little unbelievable, and I didn’t quite buy it–and the primitive chatter during every bout of intercourse somewhat irritated me. I do feel a little disappointed, because there does seem to be quite a lot of hype about this series and I hoped by reading it I’d figure out why. I don’t think I have. Will I read on? I’m not sure. It would take some major cheerleading and a whole lot of convincing that the series gets better for me to pick up book 2, I think.