Broken - Susan Kaye Quinn

With each episode I read of this amazing (mini) series, I find myself falling in love with Lirium (and the series itself) a little more. Lirium is such a troubled, misunderstood, and rash character, who starts the series appearing to be worldly wise and street smart, yet the more time we spend with him, the more we realise how much of the opening is an act—an act he doesn’t even realise he’s playing in, because he has no idea how clueless he truly is, until he’s faced with situations he probably never imagined to find himself in.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m slightly in (fictional) love with Lirium. The last episode, Ecstasy, was the best episode so far, and a tough one to top. To be honest, Broken was maybe a star rating behind Ecstasy, until I headed through the action at the end, see the betrayal, witness his downfall on a scale nobody would truly want to ever experience, and the dude just tugged on my heartstrings hard enough to earn his top marks.

So, to wrap up: great addition to the series, great character development, enlightenment, discoveries, and a fresh in depth glimpse at a new level of this awesome world building.

Now, hurry up and give me the next one. Because I need to make sure Lirium’s okay (my poor pet).