Ecstasy - Susan Kaye Quinn

Ecstasy is, by far, the best installment of the Debt Collector series so far.

Once again, I LOVED spending time with Lirium. Loved that the plot has taken a twist I never would have seen coming even if I was an expert code cracker. Loved how we see more cracks in Lirium’s facade. Loved all the side characters. Loved how he went off all cocked and ready but landed himself in a whole heap of trouble at the worst possible kind. Sure, I think Lirium’s a total knobhead for his decisions—especially over some bird he scarcely even knows—but it fits with his character as I’m coming to know it.

I just know that with every instalment I read, the book’s darkness and sexiness (and not in a lurid or erotic sense of the term) becomes more intense and apparent. Because I love how, the more I read of this series, the smoother and easier it is to read and for me to absorb all the world building going on—because Susan’s abilities in that department are simply that good. And love that this author has gotten me to fall in love with something containing more than just elements of sci-fi.

Yeah, in case you didn’t pick up on it, I kind of loved this one.