Red Run

Red Run - Kami Garcia

This review will probably be short because there’s only so much you can say about a short story. However, I did enjoy this one. I’m not sure if the author intended it to be 100% creepy, but whilst the creep-factor was there, especially with the even-toned and understated way in which it was written, I also found it quite fun.

What can I say? I laugh my head off at Supernatural, and pretty much all the TV shows I watch consist of some kind of scary supernatural being, so I’m a bit of a tough nut.

Anyway, I read this one over breakfast—just the right length for not taking up too much of my working day—and I instantly felt a connection with the MC, which is tough to achieve in a short, and was automatically interested in hearing the tale—the legend—behind Red Run. And sure enough, the story 100% suckered me in and made me believe it, which means I totally didn’t spot the twist before it happened. And I love a good twist. And I must have liked the characters because I know I didn’t want it to end there, that I wanted to continue on down that road in the car with them to see what happens next. The only gripe really was that the reveal and how that was wrapped up seemed slightly rushed to me. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, this is an enjoyable read.