Tempest (Tempest #1) - Julie Cross

Tempest kind of took me by surprise. In a good way. Because after spotting a whole heap of 1* for this book on Goodreads, and then noticing that some of those belonged to bloggers I trust to steer me right in my reading material, I almost turned away. However, when I spotted a giveaway for it over at BookReadNReview, I thought, what the heck, girl should make her own mind up, right?

And I’m glad I did. Because I really enjoyed it.

Sure, the writing wasn’t amazing, but that didn’t hinder me in connecting with the MC and his voice one little bit. Jackson was a great character to lead this book. Likeable, fancyable, redeemable, huggable, and pretty darn cool to boot. I mean, a kid who can time travel? That borders on super powers, right?

And the time travelling aspect of the book was pretty well done, too. I was never confused about when we were. And if I had a momentary mental lapse, all I had to do was flip back and double check the opening of the last chapter—because everything was documented and easy to follow. Even for me! And I’m a complete idiot when it comes to anything sciency. Talking of which, I guess some folk might scoff at  the lack of detail when it came to the ‘how’ of the time-travelling—because we merely know we can do it, but not much more than the ‘think about where/when you want to be and hope to end up there’. For me, though, this wasn’t a problem. I don’t like information overload. I’m happy with just enough info to follow happily along. And that’s exactly what I got. Baddabingbaddaboom.

And then we have Holly. One of the biggest driving factors in Jackson’s decisions and actions. I liked her a lot. I’ll admit, I was a little suspicious of her involvement at a couple of points, and I’m still not sure if being made to question her was an intentional or unintentional nudge on the author’s behalf. Either way, I studied her through narrowed eyes once or twice—and was glad when my worries were no more than speculation. The relationship she has with Jackson is very believable, and the development between them was great—in both timelines.

So what about the bad guys? Yeah, just as with any decent mystery, we’re left for a while to figure out who the bad guys are. Actually, I still have no freakin’ idea who the bad guys are, but I presume this will all come to light as the series progresses. All I can say for now is, whilst I enjoyed what each side brought to the table, and had no trouble with their parts played or their involvement, I have no true handle on any of these guys. So I’m looking forward to this mystery unravelling further.

And finally, the plot. I think there were parts where maybe the narration could have been culled, to up the pace a little, because the book did start to seem pretty long at one point, like the end was stillnowhere in sight no matter how much I read (maybe I got sucked into a vortex, or something), but I’m not sure how it could have been very much shorter whilst still managing to fit in everything the story holds—because there were a lot of twists, a lot of jumping, a lot of tiny reveals that have mostly only led to more questions I want answering, and a lot of action and espionage-type drama.

So, all in all, I did enjoy this one a lot. It was the first out of four books to hold my interest past the first chapter when I picked it up. Now I’m really looking forward to more Jackson. I’m also hoping for something drastic to happen so I don’t have to virtually live with that damn ending, ‘cause, dude, I hate to be left sniffling when I close the last page.