Losing It

Losing It  - Cora Carmack

Have you ever finished reading a book, and although the enjoyed the pants off it, you seriously have no idea what to say, other than ‘Well, this was pretty awesome’????

Yeah, that’s about how I am over Losing It.

From the off, I connected with the voice of Bliss. She’s so hilariously funny, I’d only reached single digit percentage in my Kindle book and had already laughed out loud numerous times.

There are a lot of New Adult books currently creeping into the market—mostly contemporary—and so far they’ve been full of tortured souls with dark demons to overcome before they can trust enough to find love. After reading a few of those (this isn’t a dig, because I love them), the light tone and amusing entertainment of Losing It was seriously refreshing.

Sure, there were a few editing errors, but once I’d gotten over those, they did little to sway me from the pleasure of the read. I seriously loved Bliss’s character. As mentioned above, she’s hilarious, but in a totally awkward and don’t even know she’s doing it kind of way, and I loved that about her. I loved even more that this awkward hilarity is almost 100% maintained throughout the entirety of the book. The only time my smile slipped to allow a new emotion to slip through was during the fall out Bliss had with her best friend (and that’s all I’m saying on that).

Oh, and of course Mr Hot Guy in here is totally adorable too. I’ll be frank and say I didn’t have his number to begin, and wondered if there was some seediness hovering below his surface, but man was I ever-happy to have any fears quelled.

So I’ll wrap up, and simply say this: if you’re digging the NA scene, and are looking for a break from the dark and edgy, and in search of something that’s a heapload of fun, then seriously—Losing It is the book for you. Check it out. It’s worth your time. Because it was so much more than I expected it to be, and so much deeper than the title suggests.