Glass Houses

Glass Houses  - Rachel Caine

Whilst it didn’t blow me away, Glass Houses was certainly a fast-paced, enjoyable read that I flew through in no time and with great ease.

I liked Clare Danvers a lot. Her character development from victim to fighter was subtly written—a gradual alteration—and fun to tag along for.

I LOVED Shane. He’s just the right amount of grunge, moodiness, caringness, and hunky toughness. Loved how he was portrayed, and his warming up to Clare was as subtly done as Clare’s character development was. He can come protect me against vampires any time.
Michael was another great addition to the cast. Though I did think it a bit of a copout that he was the way he was and nobody had any explanation for it. I’d really like to see some enlightenment on that in future titles for the series.

Then we have Eve. Whacky and as caring as the boys—a good solid friend every girl should have.

And what did these four make? A quartet of awesomeness, great dialogue, witty, sometimes passionate, and believable dialogue, and the kind of bond most people wish to experience at least once in their life.

Then we have the bad guy. Had me fooled, for sure. Pretty certain my alarms only began ringing about the same time that Clare’s did.

I’m not quite sure after all that waffle why this one ranked as low as it did for me—especially as there were some great action scenes and the descriptions were good enough I constantly had a visual in my mind of setting and happenings. It might be the couple of lulls in the pace/plot where not much (or not much new) seemed to be happening. Or it could have been that there were a lot of questions left unanswered so I didn’t feel as though I got full resolution. Or it could have been that rather crappy cliffhanger the author tosses at the reader. I dunno. But it matters not. Because I’m sure I’ll probably read on in this series as soon as I have the time to—if only to see more of Shane. ;)