Wait for You

Wait for You  - J. Lynn

Wait For You is the kind of story that takes about 10 seconds flat for you to become absorbed.
And man, was I grateful. Because I had a reading hole that needed filling and nothing short of muchero coolioness would have done.

In this contemporary NA, we have one Avery Posh-Bird, with a horrid past that she’s all too keen to leave behind.

We also have one Cameron Hot-Spanky-Pants, who wants to nudge through the shell Ms Posh-Bird’s deposited herself in.

From the get-go, these two have great chemistry, great camaraderie, and differing personalities that, when placed together, become something pretty awesome. I loved watching their time together. Loved watching the development of their relationship—even though it was a relationship way before either of them realised it—and loved the character development in here too. Loved Cam’s perseverance and the subtleness of it, and the way he needled his way into her heart.

I also appreciated that he wasn’t Mr Perfect. And I don’t just mean that he had what he considered to be a dark secret of his own. I mean in the sense that he struggled to handle certain parts of their relationship. Whilst I wanted to smack him upside the head for appearing to turn away when she oh-so needed him not to, I get that it wouldn’t have been so true to life for a dude of that age to take absolutely everything in his stride and know how to react to it. So, on top of loving all their interactions, I loved the fact that this was kept ‘real’.

Plus there were the side character. The pals of each of the two main players. They were as full bodied and great to spend time with as Cam & Avery, so big kudos for that—though, I’d expect nothing less from this author.

However, there were a couple of things that drove me nuts about this book.

The first has to do with Cam … *cringes and ducks as shoes fly in my direction* Yes, he’s pretty awesome. Lord knows, he says so himself enough times. Just as he tells—often—about his hotness, like we can’t figure that out ourselves when his dark hair falls just so, and he peers up from extremely lush dark lashes with incredibly striking blue eyes, or by the tautness of his abs, and the hotness of his flat stomach, and the rigidness of his—okay, that’s enough of that. Because, for me the guy had a major flaw. Yup, his use and overuse and even more uses of the endearment ‘sweetheart’ made my eye twitch like it had spasm-control issues. Sorry. Truly. But I just couldn’t get on board with a guy that age constantly using that word—not unless he’s a slimeball. Dunno—maybe it’s the Brit V US deal going on.

And the second thing I had issue with? Well, it has absolutely nothing to do with JLA’s writing ability, because her talent at telling a tale is what has me coming back time after time. It was the editing. There were so many errors—grammatical mostly, and some typos—in this book that it became distracting. Errors like you for your, or on for one, and words blatantly absent from sentences … if there were a handful, I could’ve ignored them, but the book was pretty rife.

Those issues aside, though, there’s no denying this is a great read. It was ‘hotter’ than I expected. But majorly enjoyable. :)