Opal  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Okay, this review was a real toughie to write, to the point I’ve taken 24 hours to gather my thoughts before putting fingers to keys.

Anyone who knows me will already know that Jennifer L. Armentrout ranks right up at the top of my list of favourite authors. I mean, I fell in love with her writing from the moment Daemon Black captured my heart in Obsidian, and my review of that more than reflects my opinion of her ability as a great author. And then when I read Onyx—man, that one pretty much blew my head off with its awesomeness.

But Opal? It just didn’t wow me as much as I hoped. And I’ve spent the past hours trying to figure out why.

Firstly, I think its editing stumbled my flow a few times. As well as a few typos/errors, there were a couple of inconsistencies that had me going ‘Huh? WTH?’ that, by no means, should have been missed in the edits. However, I’m not going to go into detail about those, because I know they’ve already been brought to Jen’s attention, and that she has made a statement about them, and that’s good enough for me. Authors and editors, at the end of the day, are only human.

Onto the actual story then. *heaves huge sigh* Daemon’s snark is so what attracted me to the guy in the first place. In Obsidian, we get it constantly, all aimed at Katy, right up until the very end. Even in Onyx, when he’s changing his mind about Katy, we still see it in his attempts to p-off Blake. First book had me snorting every chapter; second had me laughing out loud. In Opal, I think I only ‘tittered’ twice. This is a big comedown. And I missed Daemon Black. Damn, did I miss him. Even Katy didn’t seem as sharp with her wit—though I imagine Daemon’s lack of digs at her had a whole lot to do with that.

Instead, the wit and extremely fun banter seemed to have made way for a serious amount of kissing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like kissing in a book. But, dude, this seemed to be on almost every other page. To the point it got repetitive (sorry). It was also to the point it vastly slowed down the pace of the book. I normally whizz through these titles. This one didn’t seem to really get started until around 47% when I thought, okay, now it’s getting interesting. There was also some foreshadowing done that made me suspect most things that were going to happen as the book progressed. Considering it’s Katy’s POV, I’m surprised she wasn’t on the ball about them sooner—especially as she spent most of the book in suspicious mode. Some of them were just little things, like Blake showing up. I think a little less obvious mention of him prior to his first appearance would have given his appearance more of an impact. But that might just be me, and a personal preference.

So did I enjoy the book?

Well, yeah, of course I did. Admittedly, if this was a title by any other (less loved by me) author, then it would most likely have rated only a 3. However, due to the fact Ms Armentrout long ago suckered me into her worlds, and I loved Daemon (and Katy, I guess :p) enough to keep reading until I got happier with the juicier (not sexier) bits. Plus, not to mention the ending. Now, I know some folk are going a little wild about the ending, and the fact it’s such a cliff-hanger, but I kinda appreciated it. I mean, sure, I saw something coming, because it always does in JLA’s books, but I’d already convinced myself it was going to swing the other way, and so I was left somewhat surprised. For these reasons, mostly my love of JLA’s writing, it hurts me to rate this one less than 5. But it wouldn’t be honest of me to do otherwise.