Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I remember hearing that JLA was writing an adult parallel novel to the Lux series, and thought yippee!

Then I remember reading an excerpt from said adult alien novel, and thinking: MC sounds a little like Daemon Black—is it him grown up?

But then JLA quashed everyone’s questions on that department (I wasn’t the only one whose line of thought went that way), and so I was intrigued all over again.

I think the easiest way to put my review into words is to let you in on my initial thoughts I headed in and shared with my writer buddies on my latest read.

Here they are:

If you follow the Lux series, whilst you don’t need to read Obsession to follow, I *would* recommend it.

I still stand by this.

I LOVED seeing the Lux world from an Arum perspective. And anyone who reads this will come away with a whole new appreciation for the Arum, as well as a better understanding of both sides of the story as we’ve only received the Luxen version of events so far.

And now onto my list of attributes.

1) There is a small crossover of characters (a character who might have seemed to have a small part in Opal but I suspect is actually so much more)

This is true. I don’t want to give names, because I think this entire book should be allowed to unfold for the reader on its own, and unless I give a ‘bare minimum’ review, then that won’t happen as naturally as it should.

2) Daemon Black DOES make a very small appearance as has been hinted at. However, we don’t really get to spend any time with him, and the reader has to make the assumption that it’s Daemon because he isn’t mentioned by name only described (though it’s obvious it IS him).

Nothing to say here, really, except you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about if you read the book and reach this spot.

3) Obsession is HOT. Hunter is HOT. There’s lots of sexual tension, too, as well as … well, sexy sex kinda stuff, and some sex (ya know, if you like that kind of thing).

Did I mention that Hunter is HOT! I hate to say it, and I may even get hate mail for it, but dayam, Hunter makes Daemon Black look like child’s play. He leaves the arrogant Luxen lost in the dust kicked up by his heels. If this was a fantastical world of dreams come true, and, you know, I wasn’t married and all, I would want me one of these.

4) I’ll admit, I went in thinking Hunter would be another Daemon because I’ve been seeing a pattern in JLAs males lately. Is he arrogant and full of his snarky self? Yes. But, dude, Hunter makes Daemon Black sound like an amateur, because the arum is in a league of his own.

Did I mention I have a thing for this arum? Yeah, it’s a little of an Obsession (<<see what I did there?)

5) Reading Obsession will make you so freakin’ excited for Origin. Because it’s stated very clearly in Obsession what ‘Origin’ pertains to, and so the reader is left with a much better understanding of the title of the next Lux book.

Can’t wait!

And finally, my final thoughts right off the bat when my excited reader head was let loose after that ending:

Dude! You know when you read along thinking yeah, this is good, this is good, this is good, and then the ending just slaps a whopping great smile on your face so big you end up looking like a demented moron and hoping nobody’s watching? That’s how I’m feeling when I got to the end.

Label me one sincerely satisfied customer.

P.S. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, Ms A, tell us we’re going to get more from the Arum world. I NEEEEEEEEEED it!

That is all. :D