The Wrong Girl

The Wrong Girl (Book 1 of the Freak House Trilogy) - C.J. Archer


he Wrong Girl was a very surprising read for me. I’d almost gone into it blind (as I prefer to) after only skimming the blurb, and so only had a vague idea of it revolving around a girl being kidnapped by mistake.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the historical elements of this, as well as the paranormal aspects, and on top of those is a mystery just waiting to be unravelled—and no, I’m not talking about Jack Langley.

Hannah was such a great MC for this tale. She’s strong, and feisty—but with it toned down just enough as to be believable for the time period it’s set in—and I found myself more than happy to be spending time with her throughout the entirety of this book.

Alongside her, stars the dark and mysterious and definitely brooding Jack Langley. He’s hot—though maybe it’s the unknowing parts of him that make him so as much as his physical attributes. It certainly isn’t his personality, which holds a lot of arrogance on more than one occasion. Although, in fairness to Jack, we soon learn he has his reasons for being who he is.

And like the third point to help balance the triangle is Jack’s sister, who brings light to their darkness, calm to their storms, and gentleness to their turmoil.

This is a great trio to place together, for sure.

Not to mention the weirdness that is the uncle, who appears to be in control of whatever was happening, as well as feared, as well as un-trusted—yet can you blame them with that rather creepy ‘assistant’ of his as well as the major unwillingness to be candid with the truth.

There is so much intrigue in this tale, that I happily chased every tail to the end, hoping to figure out the why of it, the how of it all, and who of it all. And whilst we did get some resolution to the immediate issue this book ended up revolving around, there were an awful lot of secrets still kept and definitelymore avenues to traverse and mysteries to unfold, so I am very much looking forward to more from this group of unusual characters. Add to that the authenticity of the historical settings, and The Wrong Girlwas a definite win for me.