Ashes and Wine

Ashes and Wine (Entangled Ever After) - Taryn Elliott

This nice little novella was a true pick-me-up for the soul, and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ll admit, in the opening chapter, when the attraction was immediately there, I kinda rolled my eyes. But read on, and one will discover that this is by no means a case of insta-love. There is actually quite a bit of depth to the relationship and the author has done a great job of the gradual reveal for just how close the two MC’s are, and just how developed their relationship is—something we don’t get right from the off—and I liked the slow pace at which we learn of it all.

As bizarre as it may sound, the scenes that didn’t grab me as much as the others were the intimate scenes. Not by any means is this because they were poorly written because they really weren’t. I think it’s just that those scenes were lengthened—or the ‘main’ one was anyway—more than they needed to be, and it was apparent this was only for pleasurable purposes and not to push the story forward, and I’m more for the tale and the development of that than for simply reading about sex. However, this was no more than a minor issue, and I’m about 99% certain the majority of folk will disagree with me on this.;)

Long story short: I enjoyed it a lot, really liked the characters, found the plot to be full-bodied (wine reference there—ya like?) for such a short tale, and in all honesty, once I started reading, I had no yen to put the book down until I reached the end. So this one’s a definite recommend from me.