Reaper - L.S. Murphy

I haven’t read many reaper-type stories, involving death and ‘passing on’, but I thought Reaper was pretty fresh. Possibly because it had a mixture of genres and has the potential to please more than one type of reader preference. I have a feeling this may be marked as urban fantasy. Personally, I believe that’s pushing the boundaries a little, as the fantasy side of it seems to add an extra kick to an otherwise contemporary tale rather than hold the most dominance. I also think the ending is what stalled it from being labelled PNR. However, I think contemporary YA slash pnr is a much closer description.

Because we have a quirky voice to tug us along on the tale. We have all the dramas of high school. We have the high school romance and what some might (loosely) peg as a love triangle. And then we have all the ‘supernatural’ bits and bobs that Quincy—who I shall rename QQ for Quirky Quincy—keeps getting dragged into at The. Most. Inopportune. Moments.

So did I enjoy it?

For sure.

I’ll admit it took me a little while to connect with the MC. HOWEVER, once I reached the end, I understood fully that it was mostly because I didn’t like her very much at the beginning of the story. BUT, only if you read the book in its entirety will you fully appreciate the character development—though you have to be looking out for it because it’s so subtle and understated (in a good way) that you barely even notice its happening as you read along.

To begin, we get all the bratty teenagery. Yeah, in all honesty, this doesn’t fully go away, and some could argue that QQ isn’t fully converted into a 100% likeable character by the end, but listen, she’s a teenager in the opening and she’s still one when certain things happen and she’s a little different to what she used to be (obscure, much?)—and no matter how decent a person, EVERY teenager has attitude and the potential to be selfish because to be otherwise comes with life experience.

Despite this, everything I said about her shift as a ‘person’ stands, because I KNOW I’d connected to the MC by the end. I know, because, DUDE!, I blarted like a baby through those final couple of chapters. I mean, BLARTED! Luckily, nobody saw me or my rep would have been ruined. ;)

So yeah, I enjoyed it once it all got rolling and I got comfortable in the driving seat. Though I’ll admit I enjoyed it a whole lot more once Ben played a bigger physical role and we got to see more of him. Because that guy is adorable, believable, hot, a DRUMMER (what? This is SEXY!), adorable, hot ….

What can I say?

Win me over with your males, and chances are, you’ll win me over with your tales.

That is all. :)