Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout

My initial thought upon finishing Deity was pretty much: Well, holy crap!

What brought me to that point, you ask?

Well, it could have been the kick-a$$ action I’ve come to expect from and love in JLA’s books. Or it could have been the way my emotions were kicked up hills then rolled back down the other side, tumbling and stumbling and fumbling around. Or it could have been how JLA blew my head apart and broke my heart for a certain character Pure had ensured I’d come to adore. Or another character her development of demands the reader fall in love with (if they weren’t already).

Honestly, though? I believe it was a combination of all of those, as well as the twists and turns and shocks and humour (though, be warned: there is waaaaaaaay less to find funny in Deity than in Pure), and the action and adventure, and REVELATIONS ( that I’d suspected already but have now been confirmed), and the appalling behaviour of certain characters that has the ability to make you feel physically sick. Not to mention the romance!

From the first chapter, I was SUCKERED!

Because the opening chapter itself ends on a humdinger of a parting shot that left me with a combination of OMG! and teary eyes.

And Alex … poor, poor, Alex. Damn, if you think she’s been through the wringer in Half Blood & Pure, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because she is faced with one trial after another, one affront after another, one whole heap of hurt after another—and by the end of the book, rest assured, your heart will be breaking for this girl. Never mind Aiden, I want to scoop her up in my arms and protect her whilst mumbling assurances that all will be okay.

But I suspect it would be false words. Because at the moment, I don’t see how it can be okay. Not withthat ending!

For a few heartbeats, as the ending grew ever closer, I allowed myself hope that Jen was going to end it on a high note.

*shakes head*

I should have known better.

Because the ending of Deity?

It’s enough to leave the reader reeling.

You think the s**t’s already been flung?

Nah! Trust me. It’s about to get a whooooooooooole heap worse.

Because Deity is The. Most. Epic. Addiction to the Covenant series so far! And I suspect Apollyon is going to be even Epicer! I cannot wait!