Biting Cold

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires #6) - Chloe Neill

I’ll admit it took me a short while to get into the flow of Biting Cold, but I’m more than willing to own up and take responsibility for that. Because I had quite a gap between reading Drink Deep and this one, which means my head was trying to play catch up at the same time as going with the flow.

I’ll also admit that I spent a small amount of the book wondering if I was going to enjoy it, if I was going to slide back into a writing style I’d allow myself to become comfortable with—especially as I read the first five titles back to back, leaving this one like the flock skirter that needs to be cajoled into the crowd. However, once I’d straightened out where I was at in my mind, I was off and running for the finish line.

Did I enjoy it as much as the others? Well, yes, of course I did (though I’ll always have my favourite moments in the series).

Did Ms Neill make me mad, as she seems to have become so apt at doing? Well, of course she did. Mostly at Ethan—though that’s nothing new.

Did I go on a ride of excitement and twists and turns and woven goodness? Yeah, I did. Can’t dispute that.

So why only the 4*, you ask?

Well, after the ups and downs of the preceding books—primarily having to deal with the dying of and ‘reincarnation’ of Ethan—I seem to recall saying Ms Neill would have to bring something spectacular to the table for the reader to reserve judgement on her ‘Bobby Ewing’ trick. And whilst she certainly did have me reserving judgement, and she certainly did bring something very special to the table, I kind of missed Ethan’s arrogance, which almost seemed to have been doused in this book. I missed his demands. Missed his predominant nature. Missed his attitude and fire that makes an entire house of vampires look up to and (almost) worship him. Yes, yes, I get that the complications that accompanied his return had him worrying over more than showing majestic tendencies—but I still missed that. A little.

Though that in no way means I shan’t be reading on in this series. Because I loved the freshness Biting Cold brought to the series (for me). So I’ll certainly be looking out for House Rules.