Charade  - Cambria Hebert

I’m actually pretty sad about this book, and the fact I have to mark it as a DNF. Especially as I was strongly encouraged to read it and was expecting Charade to exceed Masquerade, book 1 in the series. And even once I’d finished, I realised I had absolutely no idea how to write my review because my feelings for the book are just so all over the place. So I figured the only way to express why I stalled out is by sharing snippets from my progress updates that I knocked out as I went through the book. Here you go:

9.0% – “Hmm, I’d kinda hoped the pov breaches and tense switches would be a little less prominent in the 2nd book but they almost seem worse. Narration & dialogue’s sounding a little unnatural for the character ages with very few contractions anywhere, too. Hope this smooths out; it’s a little distracting.”

43% – “Seems to be an awful lot of tell over show, and repetitiveness, and pov breaches and tense swtiches still. I’ll admit I didn’t see the twist with Cole coming, but felt that was underplayed slightly and everyone’s reactions were a little too understated to be believable. I’m also beginning to get frustrated with what’s going on with Heven, and Logan, and Heven’s mum’s new fella–coz something definitely is.”

44% – “Um, why is Heven surprised Cole dumped Kimber when he’d already made it clear he was considering it b/c he didn’t have feelings for her anymore?”

53% – “So they call on Aires at night, and when she returns them to earth, Heven stares up at a blue sky, but when they’re back in her room, the sky outside is still dark, and they awaken in the day. This was pretty confusing. Had to go back and read a couple times in case I’d missed something.”

58% – “Back with the dream walker, and he throws Heven into a room where it’s too dark for her to even see the growly, screeching thing she bumped into, but she knows the dream walker walked through the room and disappeared from sight? And then she hurried to catch up with him in a space where it’s too dark too see?”

59% – “Okay, again I’m stalling to reread b/c of confusion. So she followed him to a room with blood red curtains, but then she tells us the Dream Walker opens the curtains & the room lightens so she can see her surroundings (including furniture she couldn’t before see). Well, if she couldn’t see any of this before the curtains opened, how did she know the curtains were there, or that they were red, or even that they were in a room?”

61% – “Another confusion. :o  Heven states she goes for a shower instead of going back to sleep. but then in the next sentence it’s telling us she slept with invasion and didn’t dream at all. then the next sentence states tremors kept her from relaxing and worry of a new power crowded her head. And after a bit more waffle, she’s blowing drying her hair. Sorry, but this book is in dire need of a good edit.”

62% – “Okay, I’m going to have to step away from this one as I’m getting a little frustrated with it. :o (“

I’m actually going to hold back on rating this one I think. Mostly because I have no idea what to rate it. And partly because I didn’t finish so I don’t have an opinion of the book as a whole.