[Surrender] [by: Aimee Laine] - Aimee Laine

Loved Surrender. From the opening chapter that throws straight into action from Cael’s POV, to learning more about Lily’s past, to watching the suppressed romance blossom, to watching the character(s) grow, to the intrigue & suspense, and the settings & scenes-painted & world building … I loved it.

Man, this is one heartstring-tugging story of self-discovery. Lily has always been the weaker of the Mimics of Rune clan—she certainly seemed that way in Little White Lies—but in Surrender she is forced into learning a self-history she didn’t know, whilst being dragged through memories she’d rather to forget. And it’s sad. Even what she puts herself through in a determination to prove she’s stronger than everyone thinks is sad. The sacrifices she makes are sad. :(

Then we have Cael, whose instinct has always been to protect Lily. For the most part, she usually lets him. And having to take a step back to give Lily breathing space to prove herself is not an easy task for him to accomplish. Dude, I fell in love with this guy. With his protectiveness, as well as his inner strength and his respect for Lily that drives him to let her walk her own path. Then there was his pain, which came through almost as tangible to me as Lily’s did. He definitely steals the show whenever he’s on stage. All other blokes in the story pretty much faded into the background—coz, dayum, did Cael have my attention. And not in the macho ‘I am man, hear me roar’ kind of way. It was more in a quiet kind of way, an inner turmoil kind of way—with a subtlety made all the more effective because it was pretty damned obvious Cael ain’t exactly a pune.

I don’t want to say too much without giving it all away. But these shapeshifting marvels give the reader a show that is a whole lot more impressive, and way more serious, than the reader was entertained with in Little White Lies. In fact, as soon as I have an opening slot, I imagine I’ll be reading this one again and with the way this one ended? I cannot wait for the third instalment to arrive.