Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) - Tammara Webber

Okay, so I kinda have mixed feelings on this one. Because, whilst there was some great pluses for the read, there were also a number of things that bugged me.

One of the biggest issues that marred my enjoyment was the seemingly random tossing in of scenes/backstory. For example: we’d be in a scene and all of a sudden we’d be shown snippets from a scene that had happened some time before, that had absolutely nothing to do with the current scene and served no purpose other than to tell us a little about the character that we didn’t need to know because the author had an entire novel to reveal their personality. I think the worst case of irrelevant backstory was when Jacqueline approaches Dr Heller to quiz him about Lucas’s past. One second, the good doctor is telling her it isn’t his place to share that kind of information, and then next second—with very little prompting/pleading—he’s spewing his life story like he has a sudden urge to exorcise himself of it. The worst of it was that his actual answer to J’s actual question was only a couple of paragraphs long, and he went and surrounded it with so much unnecessary waffle, my eyes glazed over. Most of these backstory episodes happened fairly early on in the book, and petered off for a little while—which was GOOD, because they totally distracted me and gave me neck ache—but then being slamdunked with that humdinger one near the end seriously bugged me. Evidently, as I’ve just waffled on about it so much.

I think my point is that it’s a shame—because there was a lot of instances where the narration veered off in unnecessary directions, or mused over subjects a few sentences too long, and whatnot. All this needed was a decent editor to clean the MS up—and it would have been a far stronger read.

Because, for the most part, Easy is a decent tale. I connected with, related to, and liked J—and enjoyed her voice. Whilst I sometimes felt there was a little bit of inconsistency to Lucas’s character (though that was kind of explained when we learned of his demons), I LOVED Lucas, and really enjoyed getting to know him. I just wish he’d behaved like less of an arse whenever he gave J the cold shoulder treatment. But I did like him a lot, and I forgave him by the end. It was a lot of fun watching their relationship develop—more so before J figured out that L & L were one and the same. The only thing that really bothered me about their budding relationship was how much time they spent licking the insides of each others’ mouths. O_o A bit more variation there would have been good after a while.

Then we have the supporting cast: Erin—the kind of best friend every girl should have; Chase—who I kind of felt bad for way before Erin or J did; Benji (gay friends seem to be becoming requisite in contem ya)—though I did feel as though it took a while for his character to come into its own; and ‘the ex’—who was as slimy as I wanted him to be, and I’m so, so glad he didn’t even get consideration for the second chance he requested.

We also have the plot. I thought the unsavoury scenes were well handled, as was the dealing of each situation. I don’t think there was a singular part of the plot I found unbelievable (though one or two spots—can’t recall which—were a bit convoluted), and I enjoyed it a lot. Though, I did get to around 80% and think ‘dude, when is this book going to end’? (this was, albeitly, right after the scene with Dr Heller had annoyed me). So again, I’ll reiterate on my above comment about needing a good editor. Because it seemed to drag on a teensy bit too long—and it wouldn’t have done with all of those abovementioned scenes spit and polished. Which is the reasoning for my rating. It was a decent read that needs work—with the work, it would have been an easy 4.