Touch   - Jus Accardo

Well, this one was a lot of fun.

I really liked Dez—her attitude, her personality, her ‘voice’.

I loved Kale—his naivety, the simplistic way in which his character was writer and the dialogue of his that leant authenticity to his ‘innocence’.

And I also enjoyed all the twists and turns. Because a lot of them, I truly didn’t see coming. I didn’t see the double cross—either of them. Or maybe that should have been any of them.

I must say, Dez’s dad p****d me off no end, and I found myself constantly wishing someone would just off him and put us all out of our misery—dude drove me nuts the way he just kept popping up when I seriously didn’t want him to. Alas, nobody got a decent enough smack in, and so my prayers went unanswered.

If you’re lover of fast-paced books, this is defo on the speedy list—most likely because there’s just never a dull moment. From the opening scene where we’re merely introduced to the MC, she’s in the middle of some kind of adrenaline junkie stunt, and it’s pretty much a roller coaster of cool beans action from there on out.

The only couple of gripes I have with it was that there were one or two spots I felt it could have been better edited—and there were one or two spots I felt the author had skimped on the explanation, and the vagueness left me feeling slightly confused until I filled in the blanks from reading on and figuring it out for myself.

But other than those? I enjoyed it heapsly.