The Hunter and the Hunted

The Hunter and The Hunted (Otherworld Stories, #7.3, 10.5) - Kelley Armstrong

Stalked is a fun little tale starring the awesome Clay and Elena. I didn’t realise when I requested this for review that it was previously featured in an anthology (that’ll teach me not to read blurbs), which meant I had read it before. However, I didn’t really mind reading it again—especially not with Clay as MC, because (let’s face it: who doesn’t love them a piece of Clay?). The only thing that bugged me a little was that I thought the opportunity of re-publishing could have been used to expand on the story a little. I mean, I understood that Kelley probably had a word count limit for the antho, but I’m wondering if she could have made it a little larger and shown us more interaction between Clay & Elena, seeing as it’s their combined dynamics that make them so special as a couple. Unfortunately, those dynamics are lost a little in this because they are so minutely displayed.

And then we have the second story: Off-Duty Angel. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. From the off, I found myself struggling to become immersed in the story, and within pages found that the story just wasn’t holding my interest like Kelley’s work has done so with ease in the past. I don’t think I made it about halfway when I realised I was forcing myself to read on, and so closed the ‘book’. Sorry, but this one just wasn’t for me.

But I’m still going to rate it 3 stars, even with the second story not being my cup of tea—because Clay & Elena worked enough of their magic to earn it.