Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wow! Holy Hawt Chemistry, Batman! Awesomesauce! A-Mazing!

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I guess, really, I should just leave it at that. Especially as I’ve just finished reading an ARC of Onyx, provided to me by Entangled (you have no freakin’ frackin’ idea how much bowing in their direction I did when I spotted that email) and I’m (perhaps idiotically) writing my review within an hour of finishing before cohesion is a stable presence in my mind. But I’m sorry, folks, I simply have way more to say on this matter so you’re going to have to put up with my ensuing waffle. Here goes:


Did I think JLA could possibly write another ‘blow my frickin’ head off’ novel?

Of course not! I thought she’d HAD to have hit her pinnacle with Obsidian. I don’t think I’d ever been as impressed by a YA novel before reading Lux #1.

Until now.

Dudes! You think Obsidian is awesome & Kicka$$? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

There is HUGE character development in Onyx. HUGE!

Is Daemon still an a-hole?

Of course he is!

BUT … he is also totally swoon-worthy, ridiculously hilarious, and scorchingly HOT!

Oh yeah, and those ‘totally swoon-worthy’ moments?


And Katy has grown even bigger balls than she’d developed by the end of Obsidian, too. Yeah, there were moments when I wanted to smack her upside the head—like when she went out with Bart or Biff or Flake, or whatever the hell his name was *snort*; or like when she kept stuff to herself that I just knew in my gut was going to lead to some craptapular s***; or when she let the dude of many names (thanks to Daemon) keep treating her the way he did … BUT I did kinda get her reasoning behind it and so can forgive her—well, except at the point where Daemon was hurting so bad over it all coz that made me cry. :(

Admittedly, I was around 50% through when something clicked in my brain and hit me *KAPOW!* right between the eyes. Actually, it was a hard enough brain wallop that I quit reading and rushed straight to PM Kay of K-Books (coz she’d already read it) just so I could say: please tell me X who’s dating Y isn’t Z’s Uncle, to which I got the response of: OMG how the heck did you figure that out? But I’d had my eye on this dodgy character because I’d taken as much of a dislike to him as Katy had.

AND Blake/Flake/Biff/Whatever … the second he showed up in Katy’s class, the alarm bells in my head started going DODGY! DODGY! RUN AWAY! ABORT ABORT ABORT!

Oddly enough, Katy didn’t listen to me.

And she paid the price for that. *nods head*

Oh yeah, and let us not forget the biggest mystery of the book. Because the blurb of Onyx alone has brought strangers together across the globe just to share their conspiracy theories surrounding the potential reappearance of early disappeared characters.

Did it happen? Were everyone’s theories true?

Hell, I’m not telling you that. You’ll have to read the book, for goodness sake.

What I will say on the matter, though, is that niggle of worry that *should* be creeping into readers right at the very end, when what should have been a tender moment wasn’t quite as tender as peeps (or the character’s) may have been hoping for … I expected that.

After all, this is JLA, and when has she ever been known to take it easy on her character’s OR her readers?

Never, right?

So … if you read Obsidian (or anything of JLA’s) you’ll LOVE it!

If you don’t mind going on an emotional roller coaster (coz I went from smiling to grinning to laughing to giggling to crying to sniffling to laughing to rubbing my chest coz it ached like crazy over the emotional torment …), you’ll LOVE it!

If you HEART Daemon Black? Dudes, you will so LOVE it!

If you like mystery and intrigue and kicka$$ fight scenes and hot scenes and funny scenes and just about any kind of scenes, you’ll LOVE it!

Okay, in other words? JUST READ IT! Coz Onyx WILL blow your mind!

That is all.

My rating for this has to be 6.5 stars out of 5. HAS to be! I can only begin to imagine what Opal will score and I cannot wait to find out! Where the FUDGE is OPAL?!?!?!