Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually  - G.A. Aiken

Two grouchy characters. Both fiery (no pun intended) personalities. Both pretty arrogant.
Yet, stick the two together and they somehow manage to negate every flaw in each other and bring out the best–of themselves, too.

Okay, random thought spewing alert!!!:

I enjoyed this one quite a bit.
The MC’s were entertaining–in more ways than one (if you get my meaning).
The storyline was decent enough–though I would have liked a bit more understanding as to why there was such hatred between Annwyl and her brother (unless it was there and I missed it)–or a stronger reason for it. Or at least for her brother, as I doubt Annwyl would even have challenged him for the throne had he not been such a crappy leader to begin. That part of the plot didn’t feel quite full-bodied enough for me.
I thought Fearghus’s mother’s acceptance of Annwyl (when she supposedly has a reputation for being a force to be reckoned with) was a little contrite but hey ho, there’s a lot of contriteness in the genre and it’s so often overlooked for the fact that the character’s are so likeable–which these two were.
I got a little confused when Fearghus’s family were all suddenly introduced at once–the ones I’d yet to meet when I’d barely had time to process the last new addition to the cast. Perhaps they’ll become clearer in my mind if I continue on through the series and spend a little more time with them.
The scenery descriptions were just about right and I found myself constantly picturing Fearghus’s home and the glen.
The intimate scenes were decent–and sometimes fun–even though I occasionally found the language used to be a little stronger than the story necessitated.

That’s enough randomness for one review, so I’ll move on.
This was my first foray into dragons. I hummed and harred about picking it up simply because it was dragons but went with it due to members I trust stating their enjoyment of it. I’m glad I did because I’ve been entertained the past couple of days I’ve spent reading this, and I shall try to read on at some point in the future.