The Trouble with Nightingale

The Trouble with Nightingale - Amaleen Ison

This story might have been short, but the pacing was just so that I was able to take my time with it. I have to admit, I did worry that I was going to be faced with a story that had been crammed into too few words. Whilst, yes, it would probably make an awesome novel because Millie and the GP could be sent on so many adventures cleaning up the neighbourhood, I didn’t reach the end and find the story particularly lacking for its length. Ms Ison’s prose was pretty smooth, allowing the reader to amble along without a hitch, her descriptions were cool, ensuring I always knew what was happening and what the MC was seeing, and her characters were witty. Whilst I did like Millie a lot, I do believe Mr-Nekkid-Guinea Pig-Polar Bear-FABian almost stole the show from her because he was a hoot. I’ve read a few of the reviews that have described this as a dark and creepy tale. Personally, I giggled most of the way through it. The ending certain induced a snort that gained me a few stares. Maybe I have a perverse sense of humour. But this is, without doubt, a fun little tale that would suit almost anyone for a bit of light-hearted entertainment.