My Soul to Take

My Soul to Take  - Rachel Vincent

So, I finally finished My Soul to Take after I’ve had the book for over a year. *cringe* Initially, I started around 12 months ago, but life sidetracked me, along with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and my flighty mind misbehaved. Anyhoo, thanks to strong encouragement from Lolita of K-Books when I was trying to decide on my next read, I picked it back up again—though I did go all the way back to the beginning. ;)

And I’m glad I did.

No, this doesn’t quite have the kick-a$$ persona to it we get from Rachel’s adult series’. And no, it didn’t have her usual tension until around 85%.

However, there is no denying the author’s ability to create extremely cute guys (or hot blokes), and sensual tension, and great relationship dynamics, and intrigue.

Though I will say, I kind of saw a fair bit of it coming. No, I didn’t guess for one minute who was behind it all. I’d have a liked a little more depth to that maybe—or even a recap from her dad/uncle of the conversations happening around her when she was unable to hear (being cryptic on purpose for spoiler-free reasons)—but the revelation still left me surprised. I also had my suspicions pretty early on about a certain relationship that later comes to attention—but still, suspecting it to be so didn’t really ruin it for me when it turned out to be so; it was more a case of self-smugness for being right. ;)

I think my biggest gripe in here was that there were places where the pacing felt a little off, because there was some inconsistency to that, which meant some scenes seemed to drag on a little bit too long—but that didn’t really mar my enjoyment of the read. Rachel has created a unique addition to the paranormal genre, and I absolutely loved how she handled that. Because this author is awesome at world building—seriously awesome. I’ve yet to read one of her tales where I didn’t understand, where I didn’t ‘get it’. Every aspect of Kaylee’s gift, I followed with ease; every time she/they were performing, I understood exactly what was happening; and (just like all her other titles) I knew just where these ‘beings’ stood amongst the human world. Rachel Vincent deserves commendation for that. :)

So, yes, I enjoyed it even though I’d have preferred the pace to be a bit brisker. And yes, I am planning to read on. :)

Though my Goodreads rating was actually 3.75, I’ve rounded it down to 3.5