Crux by Julie Reece

Crux - Julie Reece

Take one likeable, relatable girl with a crappy background, one swoon-worthy dude who has just the right amount of strength and just the right amount of give-a-damn, one quirky-if-eccentric mentor, and one shedload of heritage revelations that leads the cool girl and cute guy to an unavoidable pinnacle moment in a certain history—with girl battling every one of her demons and fears along the way—and you pretty much have Crux.

I think that’s everything. There are so many aspects to this tale and they’re all so effortlessly linked to make the bigger picture that at first glance one might miss just how complex this tale is. Because there’s a little of everything in here. As kinda mentioned above.

Now, I hate spoilers in reviews and will avoid sticking any in if at all possible, so here goes:

Birdie: Love her headstrong yet vulnerable character, and the development we witness as she goes from being used to taking care of herself to being protective of others she’s allowed herself to care about.

Grey: *Sigh* He is an absolute darling. He can come fight my battles any day of the week. ;o)

Jeff: He may not appear at first glance to be a cool guy but dig deeper and you’ll notice that very little ruffles his feathers. Oh, and there is definitely more to Jeff than meets the eye.

On top of these three major players, we have a pretty diverse supporting cast—the cool friends, the total b***h that gives Birdie grief, the love of a family that Grey takes for granted and Birdie craves …

The plot: It’s historical, it’s Nordic, it’s romantic, it’s fantastical, it’s … epic? That’s about as much as I’m willing to say on that. Except for: the author’s writing has an almost lyrical tone to it, a flow to her prose that can lure you along without you even realising you’ve been captured. A definite win!