Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

Well, where to start?

I’ll begin by saying that I can’t recall it ever taking me as long to read a book (2 weeks exactly) as it took me to read Across the Universe. However, the fact I persevered meant it held my intrigue. On top of that is the fact that, even when I put the book down for a few days break, each time I went back to it I was able to head straight off from where I’d left with no confusion and no need to recap the last chapter read—which meant each time I stepped away, the story stayed with me.

So for that reason, I’m going to suggest the entire reason for my lengthy reading time is because of its genre. You see, me and anything remotely sci-fi don’t usually get on. Okay, understatement. I usually see something resembling sci-fi and …. Step. Away. From. The book. This is possibly the first of the genre I’ve stuck with—and for that, the book deserves some recognition.

Because I did kinda enjoy it. I did.

Whilst the pacing was waaaaaaay slower than I’m used to reading, and the narration did seem kind of monotone, and I did this odd scrunched up face-thingy the entire time I read about the happenings of the season at the same time as hoping for it to be over already, I did enjoy the concept. More than that, though, I enjoyed the characters and the surprises that came with those.

Amy was a great female lead—I thought the author did a grand job on her.

Elder was, like Amy, another great lead—and the Oh Lordy moment we’re hit with at the end regarding him was something I hadn’t anticipated. And I love when a book makes my eyes pop wide. :)

Then there are all the other characters that drive this story forward: Eldest (I had his ticket up front, and wasn’t surprised by his egotistical yet cowardly ways); Doc (he surprised me a little—I kind of hoped he’d turn out to be more of an ally and not working so tightly in tune with Eldest); Orion (it took me a while to figure him out but even once I did, I didn’t figure out the whole picture—good job on him); Harley (*sigh* adorable Harley—so much sadness was felt over certain happenings regarding him); and not to mention the entire ship full of characters in differing stages of self-awareness.

So will I read on?

Well, sure, I guess so. I’m intrigued to see how Elder deals with his (new) un-manipulated population. I’m also interested to see how the ‘romance’ (that’s kind of hinted at in the blurb but isn’t really delivered) is developed. Plus, there’s the fact I already have A Million Suns sitting on my sideboard ready. :D Though a break might be needed first. After all, there’s only so much sci-fi this bird can deal with in one go. :)