Marked  - Elisabeth Naughton

Okay, I kind of swayed between 3 & 4 stars for this one as I couldn’t decide how much I liked it, and ended up going toward the generous end.


Well, I’ve recently read a few different tales that have involved mythology and gods and descendants of gods. And the majority of them seem to rely on the fact that these dudes are … well … gods … in the bedroom department, rather than a full bodied and decent plot. Also, in the majority of those I’ve read, the female mc tends to be below par on the old intelligence scale.

That wasn’t really the case with this one.

Theron was obviously somewhat worthy of a second glance and had all the attributes one might expect from this kind of tale, but whilst his libido made its wishes known it didn’t seem to drive him. I enjoyed his character development and quite liked him from the off.

Acacia was likeable, relatable, and (whilst I question her initial decision to get it on with a perfect stranger she just happened to be nursing in her home) seemed to have a solid head on her shoulders. Even when she pushed her own safety aside for the sake of others, it didn’t seem to be a brash decision made so we could see her running around screaming and running headlong into trouble. All of her actions appeared to be pretty rational.

The supporting cast was a decent enough mixture: the ones I suspect might be important later brought to the forefront and those in the background kept there yet still developed just enough at the same time.

On top of this, the plot seemed to have a little more depth than these novels often do. PLUS, this one lacked cheesiness. A big plus. There’s nothing worse than getting eye ache from all that eyeball rolling, eh?

So, all in all, not a bad read at all. :)