Drink Deep

Drink Deep  - Chloe Neill

Well …

Um …

I’m almost at a loss for words. Which is most unusual.

Okay, let me try again.

The entire first 3/4 of this novel just felt … wrong. It had nothing to do with the plot. Nothing to do with the writing. It did, however, have absolutely everything to do with the fact that Ethan was not present.

Every dream she had? I wondered where they were leading. In my head, I thought: she’s never going to bring him back? How the hell can she do that? The dude was nothing but a pile of ashes, for goodness sake. How can she plausibly bring back something like that? And whilst I spent the entire novel wishing he was still around, I also spent the entire novel arguing the point that it would never work if the author did something that bizarre and extreme. And then she did exactly that–which left me in a WTHeck! moment. I still don’t ‘get’ how I’m supposed to accept this as plausible. How I’m expected to grasp the physics of this. I’m almost at a loss. I can only say that Ethan Sullivan had so better rock my world with his presence in the next book–and there had so better be some glitches to his new existence because for it to be otherwise would just be ridiculous–because if he doesn’t, then this move will turn into an epic fail as opposed to total appeasement for the reader.

Oh … and I 100% figured out that Mallory had something to do with all the magical happenings way early on in the book. The only thing I got wrong on that account was who was controlling her. I hadn’t expected it to be herself. Perhaps I wanted it to be Simon. Because I was once again struggling with believability on her sudden power hungriness. Something else that will need a little more depth adding in the next book, I think.

So I’ll finish by saying: Do I jump for joy that he’s back and just be ecstatic compared to the sadness I felt at the end of book 4? Or do I reserve judgement until I’m assured the author can truly pull this turn of events off? I’m currently undecided. What’s your thoughts?