Dreams - Daniela Sacerdoti

This is quite a tough review to write because my head knows that this one is an easy three stars, but at the same time, it’s difficult to figure out why.

I mean, there were a lot of issues that ensured I struggled with the book for quite a while.

Like the POV’s used—the omni stalled me from connecting with the characters for a seriously big chunk of the book, and also gave me motion sickness with head hopping from one person to the next and back in a matter of sentences.

Or the multiple POV’s where it switched to 1st person present—the fact this began happening so early in the book means the reader is introduced to a lot of characters in a short space of time and it was very hard to keep track of who was who as well as trying to figure out the importance/relevance of each character we were introduced to.

Or the pacing—because the first 50% of this book seemed incredibly slow.

But, I still somehow enjoyed the read—despite the fact I’d have preferred if the author had chosen 3rdperson limited, or the fact I didn’t click that quickly with the writing style and it had to gradually grow on me throughout the book, or the fact that the topic of fighting demons isn’t exactly original.

But then, in all fairness, the author did put an original spin on the demon hunting angle, and she did eventually get me to care about the characters, and she did get me to smile when Harry finally kissed Sarah, and she did get me to frown when he got outed and to feel his pain when Sarah rejected him, and to feel angered when Leaf wormed his way in, and to want to read on to discover what on earth’s going to happen next.

So, despite it taking a little while to get my attention—because it took me almost 3 days to read the 1sthalf, and only hours for the final 50%—I suppose I have to concede that the author has won me over. So, when’s book 2 out then? :)