Silver - Talia Vance

To begin, I opened up the first page of the book, and got zapped straight into the scene.

Score = 1.

Within a few pages, I understood that the book had decent pacing.

Score = 2.

Then I realised a hell of a lot was happening in the first couple of chapters—most of it unexplained (because the MC didn’t get it) and with all motivations for what happened totally unclear.

Score = back to 1

But I THEN realised that the fact I didn’t quite get what was happening and why didn’t matter in the slightest, because I was majorly intrigued. The fact I didn’t know didn’t leave me confused and frustrated as it normally would—it left me wanting to find out.

Score = back up to 2

But then I read on some more and after a few farther chapters, I began to wonder what about the MC, her friends, and the ‘hot dudes’ in the book I was supposed to actually like.

Score = back down to 1

But still intrigue and the amazing pace had me reading on.

Score = steadily climbing higher

And then everything became so darn interesting, and the story so easy to get lost inside, and the characters developed into more likeable people (though the MC’s friends took a lot longer to grow on me), and mythology was thrown into the mix, and everything got FAR more supernatural, and we had action, and tension, and romance, and impossible odds, and overcoming fears, and self-discovery, and …

All those little dings you can probably hear right now? Yeah, those are the score clocking up higher.

I read Silver in one sitting. From morning till evening. I didn’t want to put it down. The author has an awesome ability to sucker you in, no matter what you first think of the characters and no matter that you’re not getting all the answers off the bat—I simply just wanted to read because I needed to know.

Of course, I then got near the ending and worried that might disappoint.

It didn’t. whilst I wouldn’t have been overly upset if Blake and Bri went and made the same mistake all over again, I kind of liked that they pulled back and showed some restraint on the matter.

Would I recommend this? For sure.

HOWEVER, this certainly falls into New Adult as opposed to YA, due to the sexual content.