Mother's Day Out

Mother's Day Out (The Margie Peterson Mysteries) - Karen MacInerney

I was warned that this book might be slightly absurd.

I have to say the assessment was spot on.

However, Karen MacInerney serves absurd with a very satisfying side of ‘I’ll have another slice of that, thank you very much.’

What can I say about Mother’s Day Out? Dude, I don’t even know where to start. I mean from this opening …

After seven years of chiselling away at the petrified contents of Tupperware containers, wiping a variety of organic substances off of two small children, and cleaning up after an incontinent Siamese cat, I thought I could stomach anything.

I was wrong.

… to learning the MC—Margie—had recently started a new (and utterly absurd) job of P.I., to witnessing the boshup of the first job, and then being called to The Rainbow room …

I’ll stop there otherwise I’ll end up detailing the entire book to you, and, man, there was so much, I doubt I’d remember to list it all.

Just know that this is one excellently woven together book. Sure there were a couple bits I saw coming when Marge didn’t (or refused to), and sure there were a couple of predictable moments—but who cares?

From the get go, this book had me laughing out loud, snorting on my drinks, tittering like I’d had one too many ports, and neighing like a horse—all before I started to feel Marge’s pain and followed her down a path no wife should ever have to stumble down … and before I knew it this book was making me cry.

All I can say is the connection I felt to this character—for me to go from one end of the spectrum of emotion to the other—was nothing short of awesome.

If you love a mystery with the most unlikeliest P.I. EVER, who almost seems to fluke her way through every single discovery she makes and who joins the dots to figure stuff with all the smoothness of an Etch-o-Sketch, and with enough snort-worthy moments to have the family looking up and wanting to know what’s tickled your fancy … then, yeah, pay Margie Peterson a visit. You will not be disappointed.

In fact, the only teensy reason this didn’t rate the full 5 was because of the abovementioned predictions I made, and because there were (a very small scattering of) typos (which didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the read).

Would I recommend this? For sure! :)