Elemental - Brigid Kemmerer

Well, this one was very short. To the point I was in no way ready for it to end. I just wanted it to keep going, to see what happened to Emily & Michael, because dayam is the reader left hanging at the end.

If this novella (or short, I guess) is a ploy to get readers to need to read on in the series, then congratulations, because the author has succeeded. This is definitely a great introduction to some of the character’s in Kemmerer’s Elemental world. I liked the two main character’s a LOT. The writing has an easy simplicity to it that helps with the cadence of reading. It’s full of conflict–romance, too, but without being overly mushy, which can sometimes happen in YA. 

Though I’m left with quite a lot of questions: how their ‘powers’ work because that isn’t fully explained; the why and wherefore of it all isn’t in here; I’m left unsure whether or not regular humans exist around these ‘special’ folk, or of the hierarchical structure of it all and why certain families are expected to obey the requests of others/or stick to agreements made with them; there is evidently some kind of societal ladder and which rungs people belong on is obviously an important part of the world created here …

So, yeah … lots of questions. All of which I want answered. So I shall most definitely be reading on.