Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite  - Chloe Neill

Okay, I have mixed thoughts on this one.

To begin, I struggled with the opening because I found the tone of the narration almost immature and it grated a little (sorry). Then when she looked to be getting (hungrily) into some snogging action with the HAWT Ethan, I thought, ayup, what’s going on here? But then all sorts of other bits were thrown into the mix.

Merit seems like the kind of girl who rarely got noticed by the opposite sex when put beside her buxom buddy, Mal, yet the minute she turns vamp she has almost every male supe she comes into contact with lusting after her?????? Hmmmmmm! First there’s (HAWT) Ethan. Then there’s the adorable shifter from her gramps ‘office’. Then there’s sexaaaaey vamp from a different house.

Sorry, but other than firmer musculature, I must have missed the explanation about how folk suddenly become more appealing or attractive the instant they turn vamp. I think the attraction of all the males was a little too much. I think whatever was going on between Merit and Ethan either ‘should have’ or ‘shouldn’t have’–and adding in the other vamp merely complicated the issue because the reader doesn’t know whether they’re coming or going any more than Merit does to the point I had whiplash about which one I thought might be right for her (though HAWT Ethan continuing his shagfest with Biatch when he knew she was there somewhat pissed me off at him and he lost a damn good ounce of my respect, so I’m glad no boinking occurred between he and Merit).

As it happened, the issue of Merit’s ‘love life’ was unresolved in this episode–though I have no doubt it will continue in successive book(s) in the series.

Then there was the ending. I am a hater of trying to guess the ending. I ALWAYS let the author/character/narrator tell me the story. But even I could not help but feel as though my strongest suspicions had been confirmed when the bad vamp(s) was unveiled.

However, that said, let me end on a good note so I don’t put everyone off, which isn’t my intent at all: This is an easy read, the pace is fast, and I did care about the MC by the time I’d reached the end. The lack of ‘adult’ scenes was a little disappointing, especially after the reader was so badly teased alongside the MC, but that didn’t deflect from what I considered a fun and light-hearted read. I’d be quite happy to read book #2. :)