Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

This is, without doubt, another great story (or part of one) that held my attention from start to finish. Admittedly, I had a (small) gap between reading Divergent and Insurgent, and so it took me the first few chapters to remember who all the characters were and their roles, but once I’d organised them in my head, I was pretty much on a homestretch.

I did sit here trying to evaluate whether I liked it better than Divergent, or less than, or if Roth had created consistency within her ability to hold my interest. I finally came to the conclusion that I certainly rate them both equally, though for different reasons.

In Divergent, learning all about the factions, the fascination of the world Roth has created, and falling in love with Four, as well as the ending where we were suddenly hit with sudden action and tension, were what won it for me.

In Insurgent, however, the action seemed to be more consistently there, which meant I had no choice but to continue reading because I needed to know …. I also realised I had a much stronger emotional connection with Tris in this second instalment, too—which meant that every time her heart stung over Four or anything else she had to deal with, I pretty much followed her along and ended up crying. I’d say that’s a pretty sucky way to read a book, except I don’t cry that easily, so it can only mean the author has successfully woven my mind into Tris’s world to the point I now care about her.

And let’s not forget all the twists and turns and red herrings that have been pretty much thrown in there since the beginning yet we had no idea they were even red herrings to begin. I could go into this deeper but it would be impossible to do so without majorly spoiling the story, so I shall refrain.

My final thoughts: kissing—lots more kissing in this one; poor, poor Tris; great supporting cast; great surprises; humdinger of an ending; there are certain character’s who I still don’t trust them as far as I can throw them and I wasn’t altogether surprised a certain someone had an agenda of her own; and please let Four redeem himself soon because I spent far too much of this book feeling far too p****d at him.

That is all.