Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Alpha - Rachel Vincent

Okay, for anyone who picks up the first and is dubious about continuing? All I can say is keep going. Because this series just gets better and better with each book. By book 6, I was so emotionally invested in these characters, I was whining about their woes to my friend on our walks to the shops.
Look back over my reviews of earlier books–and my comments about struggling to connect with Faythe as an MC because of her attitude and spoilt-brattiness. I’m telling you, Faythe 100% redeems herself as a character by the end.

In my review of book #5, I harped on about the love triangle and my worries over who Faythe would choose–because I couldn’t have made the choice myself in her shoes. Both Jace and Marc are adorable–in so very different ways. What I loved in Marc, Jace lacked, and what I loved in Jace, Marc lacked. My fear for what would happen dragged my ass through to the end in a desperate need to *know*.

Throughout the entire novel, I routed for Jace. It was only when I reached the very end that I realised why. I think it’s because I truly believed that the only way Faythe could be with Marc and make that choice was if Jace died. I truly thought: dammit, if I reach the end of this novel and Faythe chooses Marc over Jace, I’m gonna be so p****d at this author. Because Jace has such vulnerability that I couldn’t bear to see him get hurt. But the ending was genius (and I rarely say that about an ending). It was a master plan perfected–so I had no option but to go away content with Faythe’s choice and the future in front of her (one I’m regretting that we won’t get to witness).

And now … I’ve reached the end of the road … and I already miss these characters I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with and (as with all good novels that manage to sucker me in), an aura of sadness has settled over me because I now have no idea who I’m going to curl up with tonight.

I rarely give 5*. This one deserved it. Grand finales are supposed to be grand, and this one most certainly was. Kudos to Rachel Vincent.