Six Moon Summer

Six Moon Summer  - S.M. Reine

Read this one in 24 hours.

When I come across a book that a) doesn’t interest me b) is poorly written or c) has a badly-paced opening, it can take me hours to get past the beginning.

That wasn’t the case with this tale.

Sure, I didn’t quite get the whole admittance of Riley being in love with Seth. After all, they’d only spent X amount of hours together–and possibly less of them with her as human than wolf–and they’d not really stopped to consider their ‘relationship’ until right before she suddenly decided she loved him–nor had she even mused over how she felt about him herself (deciding she thought he was cute and enjoyed being around him doesn’t count as evaluating her feelings). So, the whole ‘love’ side of the story seemed a little contrite and forced.

I also figured out pretty early on who the ‘bad wolf’ was and kept reeeeeaally hoping I’d be proven wrong just because it was so obvious–and I do love a red herring.

However, neither of these negatives distracted enough that they ruined my enjoyment of the story.

For a teen tale, this is pretty dark–especially as there’s not a happy ending (which I found myself–twistedly–glad about). For the most part the writing was smooth. It was very simplisticly written but I think that was a huge contributing factor in how well-paced it was. It didn’t require fancy language or wording to pull this off. It simply was. And that somehow seemed good enough.

At around 60%, I wasn’t sure if I’d be left interested enough to want to read the sequel. By the time I reached the end, I realised I now need to.