When Darkness Hungers by J.K. Beck

When Darkness Hungers - J.K. Beck

I have HUGE mixed feelings about this title and I honestly am not sure whether I enjoyed it or not. It’s true, I did read on until the end. Though, I believe that was more curiosity over what would happen and where the story was headed. In all honesty? The story turned out to be pretty predictable.
And that left me somewhat disappointed.

It’s not that it was bad. Because it wasn’t. It’s more that pretty much everything that happened in the story was unoriginal to the point it almost mirrored almost every other title out there with this kind of storyline and there are only so many you can read before your brain craves new stimulation. It was pretty much a typical plotline of vampire hunter, who only became a hunter out of a drive for vengeance for a loved one’s death, ends up rescued by one of those she ultimately despises, within no time—and I mean, no time, because they barely spend a few nights in each other’s company—she decides she’s in love with him and he realises he can’t live without her because she is the calm to his inner storm, she ends up kidnapped by his enemy and he turns up to rescue her.

I have to say, even the ending was pretty anti-climatic. I was expecting an epic fight scene—or at least a little more torturing of Serge’s woman—and what we actually got was a few paragraphs of a far too easy victory for the good guys. Which totally wasn’t helped with how easily Leena reclaimed her body that had been possessed by the witch, and to top it all, she offered to die so Alexis could live, though where that option came from I have no idea—the entire scene screamed of contriteness and convenience, like the writer simply wanted to wrap the story up as simply as possible.

So, was there anything I liked about the book? Well, Serge was okay until he started to talk all mushy. I kinda liked Luke & Sara, too. I’m unsure I’d want to read any more books in this series, though.