The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this one. And because what bugged me about it bugged me for *almost* the entire read, I’ve decided to go middle of the road with my rating.

So let’s get what bugged me out of the way.

- The POV breaches. They were pretty much everywhere like some kind of rotten infestation of assumptions as to the motivations of characters other than the mc—which just isn’t plausible in a story written 1st person pov. I’m sorry, but pov breaches are one of my bugbears. The writer should figure out whose head we’re in (unless it’s omni) and stay in there.

- The repetitions. They were another infestation—like an airborne virus, affecting pretty much every sentence of the book. At one point, hand was mentioned so many times in a singular paragraph, I may have suffered a slight eye twitch.

- The long-windedness. Though I will go on to say this wasn’t all through the book. Just occasionally, but enough on those occasions to bog down the pace so it felt (at times) as though it was taking forever to read it.

- The weirdness. This is an awkward one, because the weirdness of it can also be classified as one of the books strengths. In fact, I might just pop it in the pros, too. But there were occasions where the weirdness had me going wth?!?!?! Those are the weirdness spots I refer to here.

- The grossness. Yeah, there are some seriously gross spots, mostly involving vast amounts of drool or flying spittle, which made me feel pretty ill. I guess eating my dinner at the time of reading didn’t exactly help. And I guess, considering the genre/book description, this should also be mentioned in the pros.

- And finally: There were also a couple of odd moments in the book where I felt as though the character lost its voice a little—like he slipped out of character.

Okay, now for what the book has going for it.

- I’m not sure the plot it particularly original, because my head kept screaming Hunger Games with strange vampires, but it was certainly an original spin on something similar already out there.

- The vampire were original for definite. They considered themselves people and predominantly roamed, and humans—who they referred to as its or hepers—were pretty much non-existent except for those contained, and any heper who encountered a vampire/person didn’t live to tell the tale thanks to the people being driven by an almost uncontrollable hunger.

- The vampires traits/quirks, etc. Yeah, this was the weirdness I referred to in my cons. Whilst it had me quirking my eyebrows like I was going for gold, it also helped with building the book’s unique tone. I won’t say too much on this because I think allowing this to unfold and learning it gradually as you read is important for this book.

- The grossness. Hehehe, yep, the very grossness mentioned above is also down here as promised. Because the grossness helps to add to the tension, helps the reader to feel revulsion at the people/vampires, and helps to build the horror where the horror is necessary for inflicting the right emotions in the reader.

- The ending. Dude! This book has one kick-a$$ ending. Seriously! The pace starts kicking up, from the moment he/the mc realises he’s in a heapload of trouble, to the racing through the complex (the mc AND the clever way we get to experience AJ’s flight), to the mc fleeing for the Vast, and the battles that occur, first a small one that leads to events spiralling quickly out of control in a way that has the reader on the edge of their seat …. Not for one minute did the author take it easy on the characters. And I loved that. Oh! And not’s let forget that parting shot. Yeah, as if the missing limb we’re left to wonder over, that has us questioning if there’ll be a second book if only to clear that loose end up, there is a final parting shot of the book that I 100% did not see coming. Kudos to the author for that. Now I’m pretty certain there’s a book 2 on the horizon. I’m also pretty certain I shall be reading it to find out where it goes.

So, from my comments, you’re probably wondering why I only rated a 3.5. Well, I can’t rate a book on a kick-a$$ ending alone. I need it to wow me with that intensity all the way through, and those niggles were pretty big niggles that stumbled my flow. But not everyone’s as picky as me, so if pov breaches barely blip on your radar and word repetitions don’t bother you at all, then I seriously suggest you give this one a go.