Prey by Rachel Vincent

Prey - Rachel Vincent

Again, Vincent takes us straight into the story. Yes, she has the art sorted. I’ll admit that at one point, I thought the entire story would be back and forth narration about Faythe and crew alternately searching for Marc and trying to get young kaci to shift … but just when I thought disappointment might arrive … wham! bam!

Vincent took me on one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

She killed off one of my favourite characters (in a chapter I foolishly read right before bedtime), and I *almost* blarted like a baby, and the emotions in each character were well portrayed and believable.

Jace … God love him … I just want to scoop that boy up and kiss him all over. He’s so adorable, and I feel he’s going to end up with his whiskers singed :(

Oh, yes, and I mustn’t forget the ending. Just as the story is ending on the depressing point of said dead characters funeral, Vincent tosses in a closing line in true Oh S**t! fashion. Yep, that’s right. That was my exact thought as I closed the back cover: well, s**t! I never saw that coming.

If you want to know all what I’m talking about, I guess you’re gonna have to read it. I’ve done my best to avoid revealing anything you won’t find in the blurb, mostly because I’m a huge hater of spoilers, but this novel has earned its 4* from me. :)