Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Is it … um .. . normal to sniffle whilst trying to write a review? Dayam! I’m so sad. :o (

People, do not be fooled by the light hearted tone of this book. Don’t even let your guard down when Dawson’s TOTAL ADORABILITY turns you to mush. Because something bad is coming. Oh, hell yes.

Even reading Obsidian and going into this with eyes wide open didn’t prepare me for the emotional shitfest, which smacks you upside the head like a freight train: the soul crushing ending to this tale.

Oh, Daemon, how I understand you so much better now. That is all.

And because I snorted out loud at it, I abso have to share my favourite line:

Hey, honey, I’m an alien and apparently I just doused you with some radioactive loving!

Jennifer L. Armentrout, you’re an absolute hoot. :)